Data is being generated with exponential growth — studies show that next year, your business will need to store twice as much data as this year. Data is created by individuals, but protecting it is the responsibility of their organizations. So for any business owner or department head, it’s imperative to have an automated backup solution to mitigate the risk and worry of data loss.

The holistic approach is best: a seamless solution that aligns automated backups with retrieval protocols to quickly re-establish business processes after any data loss event.  We can provide a quick assessment of your current storage regimen and design the ideal scheduled, automated backup solution to ensure your business data is protected and accessible, no matter what.

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Mtek Digital's Backup service enables you to

  • Evaluate your current data storage and retrieval protocols
  • Implement turnkey backup automation to store everything, all the time
  • Migrate your dispersed data to a central data center
  • Achieve industry compliance in your sector
  • Redirect IT investment currently wasted on ineffective data storage
  • Gain peace of mind knowing your data is redundantly protected
  • Promote your data security best practices to customers and staff

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