Jon Jon Rivero of Qi Creative talks technology

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My name is Jon Jon Rivero and I'm an occupational therapist. I'm also a certified trauma specialist and the CEO of Qi Creative. I also am the founder of the Balikbayan Project, which is a group of Canadian professionals that return to Tacloban City, Leyte in the Philippines to help street children and traumatized people living in the Philippines to use martial arts, hip-hop, yoga, as ways to heal from trauma.

I'm also a 5th Dan black belt, and the founder of the Young Master Club. We teach Taekwondo to children and families in schools living with special needs here in Edmonton. I'm also the co-author of the book My Name is Trauma, which is a children's illustrated children's book that teaches children and their caregivers about trauma, and how to heal from trauma through play.

I am really in love with my iPhone.

[off camera] That's cool.

So interesting how I use that term. I would say I'm more addicted to it than in love with it.

[off camera] okay
I enjoy connecting with people through media, through Instagram is probably one of my top favorite used apps. I love to connect and share videos and pictures. One of my new daughter and my beautiful, beautiful wife Paula. I love to share that with friends and family as well as anyone out there to see that beautiful smile on my baby. Capturing that and sharing that, it gives me so much joy.

I also love watching YouTube videos. Do it yourself, I want to pitch to children families and schools all over the world to learn, and how to become their own therapist. We want to reach as many as a million children and families in schools living with special needs, who may not have the wherewithal to pay for therapy services. We're launching something called Qi University later on this year, so we love YouTube.

We also love Facebook. It's a great way, great tool to connect with thousands of people who are looking for resources, resources in our industry of special education, in working with trauma informed care, as well as just daily inspiration. We believe that everyone is awesome, and one of the best ways to do that is through social media.

On the other side, there are things that we deal with on a daily that technology actually makes a lot faster is bullying. We do deal with a lot of schools and children who are bullied online. We provide support and education to help combat cyber bullying, as well as provide support out there for those who are dealing with mental health issues.

Another important technology piece I love to use is the GoPro. I love the GoPro as an athlete, as a martial artist, as a traveler. It just fits in my pocket, and it's easy to transport. I even just use it very, very minimal. I don't use a very fancy microphone. I just use the microphone on the GoPro, and in fact, that's actually helped shoot my documentary, which I'm pitching at Hot Docs in Toronto in a couple weeks here. I love the GoPro. I just like the iPhone, and just using the video on that.

Yeah. Other than that, you'll see me binge watching Netflix, so using the internet, basic Mac Book Pro or using my Apple TV. My wife and I are trying to find little bits of time to spend watching documentaries together, but it's all about the daughter now, and all about family. That's why I'm on my phone quite a bit, trying to multitask.

Our editor uses Adobe Premier. If I'm cutting something for a Qi Creative video, I just use iMovie, or sometimes just to make it quick and real, I don't even edit it. I just upload it straight from my phone or just pop it up on there, depending on what mood I'm in, which isn't always consistent. I know that's an area of growth I need to go into. We usually use just iMovie for short videos, for Qi Creative, and then for the professional editing, our editors use the Adobe Premier.

I think it would be great to learn how to reuse media, so as you were mentioning, repackaging it, so using the transcription as a way to put on a blog so that you can create more written media, and then take the audio and put that into a podcast. I think that'd be a great area for me to one stop shop, almost, in a way, just get the most from your media or for the content used. That would be something that would be very helpful for me.

I'm really inspired by you, David, and the team. I think this is fantastic, and I think I can learn a lot from you. That's what the CAPS family's all about, and I'm very honored. It's interesting, I've lived in Edmonton, and I haven't been as involved, sadly, as I'd like to be, but now that I've met you and I'm starting to connect with more and more CAPS family here in Edmonton, I feel inspired to just learn more and more from experts such as yourself.