Large File Sharing Tools (Episode 7)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=””][vc_column_text]A frequent problem that people have is they have these very large files that they need to send to somebody, but you just can’t email it, right, because it’s too large as an attachment. How do you do it?

Well, all of the different networks have their own free flavor that you can subscribe to. You’ve got Dropbox – though it’s limited to two gigabytes with the free plan, you’ve got OneDrive by Microsoft, you’ve got Google Drive, you’ve got Apple iCloud.

There’s another website that you should be aware of, and it’s called W-E It’s great because you don’t have to register for it, you don’t need an account, all you do is you go and put in an email address of where you want to send that large file, you go and put in what your email address is, and then you just upload the files to it. You can upload as many as you want, up to I believe a two gigabyte total limit, but you can do it multiple times if you have lots of files that you want to send. You have the ability to either send the large file with the link to somebody by email so they can click on it and download it, or you could have the ability to display that link to yourself and then you email that off to maybe a group of people as an example for them to download a large amount of files.

They also have a subscription version that you can pay for where you can send up to 20 gigabytes at a time and also store files, even password protect them and set when they expire. It’s a great website that you should check out if you’re constantly needing to send very large files.

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