Video Production Solutions

Visit our studio or arrange a shoot with our team. We keep things relaxed and professional.
Our video editors turn your footage into multiple professionally branded segments.
Your social channels spring to life every week/month with fresh video content.
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Video Production Services

Video Content Capture

We have video recording studios, and a team of videographers and editors. We provide all the facilities, tools and experience to help capture quality video that will be used to develop content for your marketing channels.

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Video Production & Editing

Once the video footage is captured, our talented editors can make the magic happen. Your brand will come to life as we customize video that delivers your message in a professional way.


Sometimes a video camera can’t capture the content you need to finish a video. Having an animated segment can give you a whole different approach. Do you need an animated clip?

Custom Branded Intro & End Video

Whether we edit your video content or you choose to do it yourself, having a professionally branded intro and outro clip can make or break the quality of your final edit. Let us make you shine!


Aside from capturing video, sometimes you need a good photograph to use in your marketing. We have the equipment and skills to stage a professional photoshoot to meet your needs.
Video Training Mtek

Online Course Production

Mtek Digital takes the trouble out of creating an online course with our turn-key solution (content creation, video studio, course setup online), letting you focus on teaching.

YouTube Marketing and Management

For many business, YouTube and videos are entirely new concepts to them. Our services remove the guesswork and help you set up your channel, upload videos with strong titles, descriptions, thumbnails, tags, and playlists. We make sure your videos are getting viewed!

Practical Video Solutions

Mtek Digital offers video production services for content marketing, social media, and commercial use for our Managed Marketing Clients.  In house, we’re able to capture and produce content as well as provide publishing support.  For small and medium-sized businesses that have marketing goals, but are limited in their capacity to execute on these materials, Mtek Digital provides a simple, approachable, and practical solution. Talk to us about your project!

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Interview Video and Company Overviews

When it comes to expanding your customer base, video is a powerful tool!  Share your message, vision, skills, and services with potential clients online by using the social tools that they use.  Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn… or solutions like Google Ads.
I need to train people

Training and Video Courses

Creating training material and courses online require several skill sets. The material — on which you’re the expert — and quality video and publishing, which Mtek Digital is completely equipped to handle. Online training is a simple, efficient, and practical way to train staff, customers, or the public. For businesses, online training is cost efficient and repeatable. For entrepreneurs, it’s a passive income stream. Whatever your goal is, we can help!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our office is very unique. We have two fully equipped video & recording studios. This includes camera equipment, lighting, set props and backdrops, a green screen and an audio recording station (for voiceovers &/or podcasting). We are set up to shoot at all times – however with a booking, we will set up the studio to suit every unique client.

Yes – sometimes a project requires us to shoot video footage at a customer’s location. Especially when we are producing a corporate style video where being onsite allows us to capture the environment you work in.

Visit our “Get Started” page and fill out the form, or give us a call to discuss your project goals!

The extent of your preparation depends on the style of video you are shooting. But generally for our short “Quick Answer” video format, the less you memorize your answers the more natural you will be onscreen. We help prompt questions, and relax you into giving conversational responses – like you would in a chat over coffee as you explain aspects of yourself and your business.

This is our favorite style for capturing video content. The format is simple: take one question, answer it in one minute (or close to it), and it produces one video. If you come to our studio with a list of the most common questions people ask you about yourself and/or your business, you can comfortably answer in a casual way that requires no memorization. In just 15-20 minutes in our studio, you can answer a handful of questions. This will be used to edit and produce several videos that becomes content for your social channels and website.