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We’ll deliver your videos YouTube or Vimeo ready. Appropriate music, stock video (if requested), edited and colour corrected — with no extra licencing fees.

Interview Style Communications Video

To make the most of your online presence — regular, ongoing uploads to Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube can’t be beat.  They are a great, low-cost option for sharing your capabilities, processes, and products with a potential audience as well as communicating business objectives in a transparent way.

Our video production services make this process SIMPLE by providing a stress-free and efficient filming experience.  We capture video once a month with a few topics of your choice, and we engage in conversation about those topics.  From there, we edit that content into quality corporate video and we can even assist with publishing the content.

Explainer or Corporate Introduction

If you’re looking for a video to help introduce your business or service offering, as a virtual leave-behind after an outbound call, or to identify you and enforce branding on your company profiles or LinkedIn profile — a company overview or explainer video are great options.  Use them for virtual trade show booths, on displays in your lobby, or as branding ads on YouTube!

This type of production is more polished and detailed than the communications and content videos we recommend for ‘regular’ content updates. Mtek Digital offers a full range of production options for this type of video.  Read more about our packages and get in touch to talk about your needs.

Interview / Content Video

Corporate Video

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We’re capable of much more than supporting your content needs.  In fact, we’re always eager to engage in bigger projects too. From local documentary projects, to more involved training, or complex corporate projects, talk to us about your ideas!  We’re happy to develop a plan that will help you get your project off the ground.