Mtek Digital Video Solutions

Unique Video Recording & Design Studio Environment

Our creative space is home to our digital marketing, videographer, and editing team members. As many of our marketing clients have a need to create and share media for their web and social media footprints, and few have spaces or equipment to ensure that material can be produced, we’ve created functional studio space to help.

Capture Studio

Our main studio space is designed for the capture of 1, 2 or 3 camera ‘3/4 standing’ or ‘seated’ delivery of material.  Many of our clients use this format as ‘faux interview’ or direct-to-camera content creation.  We capture audio on multiple microphones, and provide high quality capture on cinema-grade cameras and optics.  Most importantly, the type of video captured in this studio when paired with transcription, allows us to easily capture weekly video content in a very short session.  This type of content makes for great Q & A content for clients, potential customers, staff, or investors.

We can accommodate simple looks, or more casual ‘seated’ styles in this space, or delivery of training content. 


We have access within the office to a second studio space for capture using a chroma-green wall for presentation style capture with replaceable backgrounds.

Studio A: Sit Down Interview Format

Studio B: Standing Green-screen

More Than Web Design

Working with Mtek Digital is more than just building a website. We help businesses find their way in an overhyped and oversold world of online marketing options.  We help businesses show their strengths through video production, audio, and content marketing.  Together, we can build the content to share your knowledge, experience and expertise, and develop your authority as a subject matter expert.

See how a Managed Marketing Partnership can help your business by taking advantage of our web development, media production, and online marketing experience.  Talk to Mtek Digital today about your content development needs.