DDF Realtor Website

We work directly with The Canadian Real Estate Association on behalf of our mutual customers. Our platform—Budget Listing—is an established, full-service real estate website back-end powered by CREA’s DDF® Data Feed. We make the DDF® work for you with our cutting edge, ready to deploy system built specifically to help you sell real estate.

Don’t give away the sale

Real estate listing input has long been an onerous, redundant task for REALTORS®. If you’re still doing it manually, you know that it’s challenging to maintain your own listings on a website. Your website struggles to become a resource for buyers since the listings change rather infrequently, and there aren’t that many of them. You end up having to send your buyers to other websites where the listings reside, possibly handing bookends to the selling agent and losing out on your commission.

Claim the sale

Through the DDF®, we automatically place your own listings at the forefront of your website, followed by other available listings in your service area. Your website becomes an incredible resource for buyers, and all listings—whether they’re yours or not—direct them back to you.

Take a different approach

Imagine your website always having your current listings featured, plus all the other local listings, updated hourly, automatically.

We set out to change the face of Canadian real estate agent websites so REALTORS® like you can focus on buying and selling real estate, not updating a website. Who has time to add a thousand listings a day? We do.

Current, bleeding-edge technology

All DDF®-powered websites we build are backed by our mobile first, responsive web design service. Your entire site—including the real estate listings—will look and function beautifully on every device — from the largest computer screen, to portable devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Eliminate redundant listing entry

Once your listing has been added to CREA’s DDF® it automatically shows up as a Featured Listing on your own website within a matter of hours, complete with a photographic slideshow from the listing’s photos, listing description and amenities list, a Google map, and a clear call to action to direct buyers to contact you directly.

Make the sale

Being a REALTOR® means you have the opportunity to sell real estate for any selling agent. So why are you still linking out to external websites that don’t give you the sale? If a buyer is shopping for another agent’s listings on your site, you will be the first point of contact, giving you the opportunity to choose whether to defer, or close the sale.