Mtek Interviews Dr. Ganz Ferrance

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=””][vc_column_text]Dr. Ganz Ferrance is a registered Pyschologist, Public Speaker, Author and Coach who provides personal and family counseling in Edmonton Alberta, Canada.

This episode of Mtek Interviews – Dr. Ganz provides his take on technology and the things that matter to him, along with a healthy dose of experience on some of the technology angles we should all be more aware of.

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Transcript of Interview:



Hi, I’m Doctor Ganz Ference. I’m a registered psychologist and I work at the Ference Group.

I love my iPhone so I use my iPhone all the time. I use it way more than my computer. I use it for scheduling, I use it for communication, I look stuff up, I check my website on it, do banking so really the iPhone is probably my go-to place for technology right now.

What I have been using a lot is the voice memo because I have been doing a lot of recordings for articles that I want to put together or different things like that. So what I actually do is I’ve recorded myself putting together thoughts that I want to remember – things that I need to feed into my subconscious – and then I play that early morning when I am relaxing and I can hear my own voice telling me all the good stuff I need to do for the day.

And it keeps me going. So it’s a really good tool. We have an automated home system as well, so the iPhone, I use that to make sure the thermostat is set properly, turn on and off the alarm, making sure that if somebody comes to the door and we are not there I can actually see them and talk to them. It’s quite convenient because if we need a delivery or if somebody needs a repair person or somebody needs to get into the house I can let them in. So I really love that feature. And my professional life I use a lot of, mostly text is quite convenient for me. Because when people need to get a hold of me, clients or people I need to do speaking for or media for the easiest quickest way is for them to text me I can respond really quickly if I need to so I have been using text for clients for about the past 2 years and it’s quite convenient. They like it, I like it, well, actually, it might not be missing but one of the things that’s coming up right now, there are a lot of apps on the market that are actually geared, you know we have the ones for, you know, your physical health, you can track your health you can track your eating, there are a lot of psychological apps that are coming out on the market now too which are some of them are quite good, I mean there are meditation apps, there are things to help you manage your anxiety, or different scales to figure out what your mood is like and I think some of those things can be really helpful especially for folks that are plugged in all the time.

Now they don’t take the place of an actual psychologist or speaking to somebody but they are a nice tool to help you gain more self awareness and kind of track how you are doing from day to day and even within the day. And a lot of them have suggestions on how to keep on track, weather it is to manage your mood, or manage your sleep or whatever it might me. So i really do encourage my clients to looks at some of those and one of the tings I tell my clients to do is actually get using the iPhone, just using the timer. They can time out like 3 hours, and every 3 hours, if they set their timer and they take a brake. Like a five minute brake, every 3 hours and that’s a great use of the technology because a lot of time we forget. Sometimes if people are stressed out enough they forget to eat or go to the bathroom right, so the timer really comes in handy when you have that.

Once in awhile i use slides and I have used traditional PowerPoint with that. But that would actually be something that I would love to use more of is PowerPoint or some sort of platform that would give me some more graphics that’s easy to use and quick to use and quick to learn. But when I do the presentations it’s talking its quite interactive and usually I just use a either whiteboard or or a flip chart or write stuff down it’s quick and easy. One of the biggest barriers for me is time. Time to learn the new system and to make sure I get it right. So being able tot take the time to figure out what I need to do and how to apply it in the most efficient and effective way. Honestly if I had a tutor that would be awesome. Or if I hired a young assistant that knows exactly what he or she is doing that would probably work too.

The blue light situation is a real thing. It really does change the hormone profile in your brain and it can actually wake you up so you really want to not have that when you are going to sleep. So the screen that have the blue light I know the iPhone has night shift now. So everything goes toward yellow. But there are a few issues. One is the content you are watching before you go to bed, that’s important. Cause that can be quite activating and disturb your sleep. Then there’s the blue light right, if it’s tinted towards the blue it does actually reduces the the amount of melatonin that your brain produces so you are not sleeping as well. But then there’s also you know, if you are watching TV or you are playing video games there’s the strobe affect, right. And that can also disturb your sleep. So you really want to be mindful of the screens. They recommend you finish all screens and start to dim the lights about an hour before you go to bed and then sleep in a cool dark room. I really really really recommend people turn off their phones at night or put them on Do Not Disturb particularly for kids because a lot of the kids are sleeping with their phones they are up and down all night or even if they are not awake they are being disturbed by the buzzing or the notifications or whatever happens.

I think the big thing is we have to use technology as a tool and not be slaves to it.

Unfortunately I think because technology is moving so fast there is stuff available to us but we haven’t figured out sort of the best ways to use them in keeping with our culture and our health and our relationships just yet. So one of the things I’ve noticed is that because technology is so available and is so useful in lots of ways and to some extend almost addictive. There have been people who have gotten in trouble with technology like you know technological addiction or social media addictions or driving while texting for example. The rule of thumb that I usually teach people in my presentations is pretend, some of the young people might not know what this is, but a newspaper, right, pretend your technology is a new paper. Anything that seems like it doesn’t make sense to do with a news paper don’t do it with your phone or your tablet. If it wouldn’t make sense for you to sit across from a date and pull out a newspaper and read it, don’t do that with your phone when you are out on a date. If you are walking across the street, probably not a good idea to have your face in a paper, don’t be on your phone when you are crossing the street. Don’t, you know, be looking after your baby and have a newspaper up like that instead of interacting with him or her. So it’s a good rule of thumb. Pretend it’s a newspaper and use it that way. Because if not, you get yourself in trouble. Either in relationships and/or in traffic.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]