Mtek Digital Interviews Dr. Larry Ohlhauser – the Healthy CEO

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Hi. I’m Larry Ohlhauser, from Edmonton, Alberta.  I am a professional speaker and management consultant.  I inspire aspiring individuals to become the CEO of their health.

What technologies are important to you?

Well, first of all, let me say I on a daily basis… One of my core values is to help myself lead my life, and my life includes: Me personally, my family, and my business.  So all of the apps that have helped me lead my life relate to those three areas.  The first I want to talk about is business, and as somebody who travels a lot and complex meetings, I found that Calendar 5 has been the most useful, and the reason I say that:  So if I have an appointment with you, and I take the time and the diligence to put your name in, your company, your address, time—it’s colour-coded, so I can reference pretty quickly.  But for example, as I was coming to your meeting, I simply push the icon, and it goes to Google and actually helps me get to where I want to go.  The other part I love about it, as you might expect, there are many times you get late, tied up in traffic.  I simply push a button and it’ll immediately send an email saying I’m late for five minutes (whatever).  So it’s been very useful when I pack my day very full of meetings.

The second one I like is because I’m fortunate enough that I live in two different provinces, have property.  And so I have Nest cameras in both sides, because I not only want to protect my property, but when I’m on the road I want to be able, for my family, to have some kind of security beforehand.  And the third one actually is the HomeControl so I can actually put my alarm system on and off remotely through the app called HomeControl.

And personally, I try to become the CEO of my own health.  And so I have found that Fitbit has become the most effective way of keeping me accountable to things I want to do.  So those are the four apps that currently really help me lead my life.  The only dislike about technology is that I am one of those people, I probably only use about 10% of its effectiveness.  And what I’d like is, what each application—you know, The Application for Dummies—because I actually try to be very good at it but I don’t think I am patient enough to learn all the intricacies which actually would make me much more effective.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]