Must Have WordPress Plugins for Photographers

Photography websites represent art work in a digital format. They give professional photographers a foundation to draw in clients and to display their unique talents. With the right plugins, WordPress sites can go from boring to extraordinary. Take a look at a few of the best WordPress plugins for photography websites.

W3 Total Cache Plugin for Increased Speed

Images can slow down the load time of your web pages. That’s why we highly recommend the W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress. Once fully configured, W3 Total Cache can increase your website performance by 10 times its current performance. If you’re not fully versed in all things technical, then this might not be the right plugin for you.

EWWW Image Optimizer For Improved Image Uploads

With the EWWW Image Optimizer you can improve image quality without sacrificing website performance. Not only will this plugin help you increase the quality of the images you upload to your site afterwards, it can also be used to optimize the quality of the images already on your site. In other words, it helps you improve your on page images and is ideal for fast load times.

Photo Gallery Plugin for a Stylish Display

No photography website is complete without a photo gallery. The Photo Gallery plugin enables you to stylishly display your professional photos in a digital format. With a carousel feature along with several other viewing options, Photo Gallery enables you to dictate how your images are viewed. Professional design is at your fingertips with this ultra-modern plugin.

SEO Friendly Image Plugins

Everyone knows how important SEO is, but did you know that your images need to be SEO friendly as well? Well, they do, and you can start to make them that way by optimizing your photo sizes. This plugin streamlines finding the best alt and title attributes to make your images 100% SEO ready.

No matter what type of photography you shoot, the Photo Gallery plugin enables you to get the most out of your website quickly and easily. Get it for your website today.

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