Our seminars are intended to provide beginners technical advice for taking those “how did they do that?” photographs.  

Have you ever wanted to capture the stars in the night sky? How about a stunning timelapse of the auroras flooding the sky?

When you get your hands on your first DSLR camera, you suddenly realize just how simple those old “point-and-click” cameras really were. Slowly, you can begin to figure out the basics of using your camera. But unless you spend time really learning the technical side of your camera settings, you will keep running into frustrating moments when your photos don’t turn out.

Our Seminars are intended to help answer these kinds of questions:

  • How can I take better night photos?
  • What settings are required for low lighting?
  • What is ISO?
  • What is timelapse photography?
  • What gear is needed for timelapses?
  • What software is best for post-production?
  • What apps are available for easy-editing?
  • What is Lightroom? Is it worth getting/trying?
  • How do green screens work?

Obviously, there are many more topics of interest. Do you have an idea for a seminars? What would you like to learn? Take Our Topic Survey!

Seminars for Beginners!

Don't Worry!

We expect people coming to our sessions may have limited experience. That's why you're coming to our seminars!

Quality How-to Instruction

Hands-on, visual instruction using real tools.

We want you to walk away with practical knowledge.

Passionate Instructors

Sharing Because it's Awesome.

It makes a difference when your instructor is passionate. 🙂

Technical Experience & Expertise

Sharing Hours of Practice & Experience

After countless hours of trial and error with minuscule adjustments, you learn a thing or two about cameras.

Our Instructors

As part of our professional services, we’ve been providing photography services for our clients for years. More importantly, the craft of photography has become a passion to us.

As with any photographer, our instructors have spent endless hours working to learn and improve their technical skills. Having travelled across North America, and in various parts of the world, when a camera is your constant companion – you learn things. We’re excited to pass on the knowledge!

What Do You Need to Bring?

(unless otherwise indicated in a seminars’s description)

  • a positive attitude & a big smile.
  • paper & pen for taking notes.
  • your camera, if you have one (not required).
  • laptops or tablets are welcome (not required).

There are no seminars currently running.  Contact Mtek to be notified of upcoming courses when scheduled!