Professional photography can make a huge difference when creating a stunning graphics for your design projects.

It’s easy to see the difference it makes when you look how the top players in any industry utilize quality photography to establish their visual brand.

It doesn’t happen by accident. You need to intentionally stage a professional photo shoot to get the kind of results that will make your organization proud.

Reasons to commission a professional photo shoot:t

  • Stock photography is often badly overused and can be extremely cliche. It is easy to spot disingenuous selections where models or objects do not represent a business accurately.
  • A custom photo shoot allows for unique photography that showcases real locations, scenarios, products and people relevant to your business.
  • There are few things more frustrating for a designer than having to incorporate poor quality images into what is supposed to be a fresh and professional design. It can be like asking a skilled artist to create a masterpiece using crayons; sometimes the results cannot exceed the potential of the materials.
  • High quality and resolution make a significant difference. If you are starting with a low resolution photo taken from a cellphone camera or scanned from an old photo, you may not get the best results when used in design.
  • Often a designer will choose photos which can be used across other forms of media. Online branding should match print branding in a consistent marketing theme. If you have poor quality photography, your photos will not stand up to the higher resolution requirements of professional printing.

All in all, photography is an important consideration. Microtek is capable and equipped to stage a professional, commercial photo shoot.

Example On-Site Photography


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