Outdated technology and dealing with frustrated employees

While the growth of technology and its impact on the world is growing more and is a wondrous thing, it also gives rise to frustration as well. With every new piece of tech introduced to a workplace, employees are forced to unlearn the old technology and learn how to use a different piece of technology.

This environment is fine for younger workers, however there are studies that show the older workers are expressing concern over how complex new technology is. This is on top of finding that their new to them phone they got last week is outdated.

Change is not something so simple to deal with, however there are some things people can do in order to make the technology changes easier to handle.

Note The Pace Of Change

At the rate technology is going at, new software is released on an almost daily basis. This fact alone forces workers to learn new procedures and functions while still trying to meet deadlines and fulfil other tasks.

Competition in these marketplaces are intense as well and so any edge that companies get should be leveraged, however it’s important to keep in mind that employees are part of that equation too.

If you’re introducing a new feature or a brand new piece of technology every week or every month, your staff is going to burn out. Even if this new tech is going to provide all kinds of benefits, it’s not going to help much if people are upset or worse, they stop working for you.

A better strategy is to note the rate that changes are being made and also how that change would fit in your business.

Remember To Train People

A lot of fast-paced companies adopt a model of training as you go. While that model is fine when it comes to certain situations, it can be frustrating when there are new changes being made constantly.

You can’t expect every technology improvement to be implemented by staff every single time on their time.

When making big leaps, it’s important that you take time to train people accordingly by various means. This can involve online learning or courses. You can also get staff to take university programs or attend vendor-provided courses too.

They still need to show up of course, but by providing the means of doing so eases the burden.

Enforce A “Don’t Bring To Home Work” Policy

Technology has advanced so much that one frustration people have now is that they’re always available. Bosses are able to text employees 24/7 or email them. Customers are also able to reach out to companies any time that they like too.

While it is convenient, it causes a lot of frustrations for people as some people prefer to not do any kind of work while at home or on vacation.

One way to ease that frustration is to enforce this particular policy where if employees are off the clock they shouldn’t be expected to do work during that time. This isn’t to say there is no overtime or if there are unique situations that demand people work longer hours. However beyond those things, not calling people in the middle of the night is something people will appreciate.

Leverage Help And Support Desks

While larger sized companies don’t always need to rely on this, this is a very helpful tool for small business owners. Since you have smaller resources to work with, it makes sense to have you or your team call the support desk to fulfil your needs or answer questions.

This removes a lot of the burden as well for employees hunting for answers or getting frustrated about certain situations.

Granted, some help lines and the quality of them can vary from supplier to supplier, however it’s a better option than to ask coworkers for advice or assistance when they lack the necessary skills.

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