6 Great Reasons to Encrypt your Data

Encryption is one of the most powerful tools with regards to data security and protection. It’s a practice that has been adopted by big businesses everywhere to provide protection of data from malicious attacks or intruders. It has since spread to medium and small businesses as hackers realize that small businesses lack the tools and resources that some of the largest companies have.

Because of this, many companies know what data breaches can cause for their business and are taking vital steps to prevent them from happening. Combined with more data breaches occurring in recent years, the damages are significant to companies with many going out of business if protection measures aren’t put in place.

It’s in this environment where data encryption technology really shines. However, there are several other reasons to consider it beyond the great protection that it can provide.

General Benefits

For many business owners, it’s easy to think data encryption is simply another safety measure to protect data, but there is way more to it that it can offer just from understanding its general functions. For example, another aspect of data encryption is that it’s incredibly difficult to access. Only someone with the specific decryption key can access it.

And that key is difficult to capture as the key is generated once during the time of the encryption process or before that. So even if a breach does occur, a hacker will have to spend weeks or even months to decipher some information.

It Keeps Business Compliant

Depending on the size of the business and the industry, there can be laws in place that require companies to have certain security standards in place. Failure to do so can result in fines and there can be some when a company doesn’t encrypt their data. Some examples of organizations that require this are hospitals, and government institutions. Any business or institution that stores highly personal information needs this.

It’s A Strong Last Line Of Defence

Encryption practices can act as a reinforcement to a cybersecurity defence as breaches are bound to happen in various ways. One of the most common being simple human error. But even in the case of the most common occurrence of data breaches, encryption can serve as a way to reduce the damage of human error since accessing that data will be difficult. Encryption can be further reinforced through effective backup plans and recovery processes.

It Can Protect Remote Staff

More and more companies are open to the idea of hybrid models where they have a main office and hire remote workers. While this can increase the flexibility of a business, there are some security concerns that come with it. Most notably is from remote workers who might not regard cybersecurity protocols as much or are using personal computers or devices that could present security risks to a company. Ensuring all data going in and out is encrypted works as a failsafe and ensures data doesn’t get intercepted or delivered to the wrong hands.

It Builds Trust Amongst Customers

The reason data breaches can be so devastating is that when customers find out, they lose all faith in a company and abandon it. With data protection, privacy and security on people’s minds now more than ever, people expect their data to be kept well secured.

Even if a company isn’t required to encrypt their data, using it as a selling point is a way for customers to offer trust more often since it’s clear the business values high safety standards and security.

It’s Affordable For Many Business

In fact, there are many free options available to consider. Even premium offers are quite affordable as well.

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