Synergy Medical

Synergy Medical Clinic, Women’s Wellness Centre, and Medical PLUSis comprised of over 25 full and part-time General Practitioners, Specialists and Allied Health Professionals.
Synergy approached Microtek to overcome shortcomings of their previous websites. Microtek provided …

  1. WordPress Multi-Site Environment
    • Handles the 4 websites in one WordPress install.
    • Easy for administration.
    • Ability to share resources amoung the 3 websites.
  2. Fresh, Modern Web Design
    • Better portal page with description and links to the 3 main websites.
    • Mini-navigator at the top of each website making it easy to go from site to site.
    • Improved images.
    • More efficient use of space.
    • Easy to see hours and phone numbers in the header.
    • Effective side-bar with graphical buttons to emphasize important items.
  3. Content Restructure
    • Easier to navigate.
    • Better presentation of doctor/practitioner listings.
    • Clean up of odd characters appearing in previous content.
    • Google Maps in Contact page to easily locate the facilities.
  4. Custom Doctor/Practitioner Tool
    • Database driven.
    • Automatically lists doctors accepting new patients.
    • Shared amoung the three websites.
    • Lists doctors in their appropriate website(s).
    • Very easy to administrate the directory
  5. Mobile Friendly View
    • Automatically detects mobile visitors and presents mobile view.
    • Presents same menus and content as the full websites.
    • Provides best mobile experience.

Microtek provided Synergy WordPress training so they can easily maintain the menus, content and doctor directory themselves.

CLIENT: Synergy Medical Clinic

DATE: December 2012

SCOPE: Website