A Unique under-the-radar Social Media Platform that is a Marketing Gold Mine

No doubt about it, social media is an incredible tool. It’s a way for someone to gain earned media (thus building your brand), engage with existing customers, and to find others who can enrich your business. These benefits are spread across the board on any social media platform. However, there are platforms that provide those benefits in unique ways, and even build on those benefits more than some of the larger platforms.

I’ll be discussing one of those platforms: Quora. A Q&A social media platform that has a much smaller following than Facebook or Twitter, but still demands a lot of attention. Here are some reasons it’s so good and why you need to be there.

Strong source of Traffic

Quora is a solid resource for a high amount of traffic and authority boosting once you understand the platform. It is a Q & A platform, which means the users answering those questions are able to boost their authority and provide genuine value.

Posts are not restricted to a certain number of characters like Twitter. Nor do they have to heavily promote their answer like Facebook. Quora will do the heavy lifting and give your answer some exposure.

This can improve your authority overall, but additionally, you can improve your authority more by including links and other resources. When you provide links and other resources within your answer, people looking for answers from that particular question are more likely to click on those links.

Links on Quora are classed as ‘nofollow’ links so you won’t receive SEO benefit, but boosting your authority and getting more traffic is worth more in the end.

It boosts SEO Page Ranking

Wait, didn’t I just say adding links on Quora won’t boost SEO? Correct. But there are still some other aspects worth considering from Quora that can boost SEO.

One thing you might notice lately, is if you type in a question in Google, there is bound to be a page or two pointing to a Quora question. That’s because Google (and Bing) have been crawling through Quora in recent years. On top of that, they direct viewers to the most relevant answer to that question.

If you put in the effort of creating a good answer, people are likely to click through, read the answer, and maybe learn more about you. While links in your answers aren’t going to serve as backlinks for SEO purposes, the fact people can go to your site and be on there for an extended period of time is one of the many contributing factors to boosting SEO.

Solid Content Research

Every single day people are coming up with questions. Part of the growth in questions is from the Quora Partnership Program it has introduced to some users, where users get paid to ask questions – but there are more who still ask regardless. There is no shortage of questions on the platform and for business owners, this is a great place to get some content ideas.

Because of the sheer amount of questions on the platform, it’s pretty easy to scroll through the questions for a few minutes and come up with several blog (and video) ideas. Best of all, you can save those questions for later, publish the article, and answer the question and link your content to it after. It’s a great recycling content strategy.

Great Learning Opportunities

One other aspect I haven’t brought up exactly is who is answering these questions. After all when you think of a Q & A platform, most may turn to Yahoo Answers which has some ubiquitous questions and answers on there. Quora is more sophisticated.

Questions are broken into various industries making it very easy to boost authority in your appropriate niche. As a result, Quora attracts industry professionals, and in some cases celebrities, big name players in those industries, and more. This is powerful as it’s a great opportunity to really understand some of those people, but also to engage them in conversation (all without being restricted to a limited amount of characters).

This is a great opportunity for you to learn and grow in a way that would otherwise be impossible on other platforms.

The best thing about Quora though is that these benefits are only the beginning. There are plenty of other perks to being on this platform. This is why it’s such a marketing gold mine.