Help! I can’t get to my website!

What happened to my webserver!

My username and password don’t work on my website!

My employee deleted our site on their last day!

The people we hired to build our site went out of business!

We’ve heard them before. There are a hundred reasons for a panic about your website and Microtek has seen almost all of them.

Step 1. Don’t panic. You’re in the right place.

Step 2. Gather as much information as you can find, and call us.

You may be surprised at how frequently it actually occurs but losing your domain, web host, website files or access is a common problem. We understand that your website is a key component of your marketing program or customer service plan. In the frustrating and sometime financially devastating event that your website becomes inaccessible through another web host or web development company (possibly due to hosting issues, loss of source files or other circumstances), Microtek can begin the task of recovery and rebuilding your website.