Is Pay per Click and SEM important to my business?

If you rely on customers walking through your door or making your phone ring, then you need to think about search marketing. More than just search engines – SEM should be about your whole online marketing effort.

From the Sole proprietor business to multinational ‘conglomerates’ every business with a website has a specific and business altering need for online marketing. Large corporations may have the resources to handle this in-house, but most small and medium sized businesses simply cannot devote the time necessary to create what is needed. Even those larger corporations with in house web-teams may lack resources with the right combination of marketing knowledge, customer experience and technical know-how.

Regardless of your in-house capability, if you use a web property for the purposes of exposure, branding, marketing, or sales lead generation (that includes those who do online sales) you need to be thinking about all of the options available that will stimulate traffic, and more importantly conversion at your site.

Where do I start?

There are dozens of factors that contribute to the overall success of a site in the ‘search’ arena. Content being the single most important. To hold that content though, we need to ensure that there is a quality technical foundation beneath. That quality foundation includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Quality and accuracy of business information
  • Quality and depth of customer focused content
  • Consistent and practical organization of information
  • Clear separation between customer interests or needs
  • Clean and high quality source code
  • Well formed and appropriately compresssed images
  • A design that ensures compatibility with multiple platforms, including mobile devices

Now, the Marketing Starts

With these basic building blocks, site owners can begin to build on the principles of Google’s “E-A-T” methodology, which is a great platform for delivering something amazing to your potential customers, and returning users.

In order to progress in the organic search space, sites need to develop and exhibit “Expertise”, “Authority”, and “Trust” signals within the web space. These factors are the result of volume and quality of content, consistency of contact information across the web, and the number and quality of external sources that refer to your site as an ‘authority’ on the subject matter.

Microtek can help you build a solid foundation for your site, and guide your though the organization and creation of content. We can act in a development capacity, or merely as an advisor – but without a focus on search quality, you will leave customer business on the table, or worse – in the hands of a competitor.

PPC Support in Online Marketing

Pay per Click advertising is a great tool for exposing your hard work to the world. Organic search results take time to nurture, but PPC is immediate. Placing ads allows you to identify key products or services, and through keyword research, hone-in on those web searches that you feel are best suited to the pages of your site that you want to share.

Most systems allow you to narrow the scope of your advertising to keywords, demographics, or regions – which will allow you the ability to focus on specific customers, customer needs or interests, or areas near your business, something that may be difficult to do particularly if you serve large regions.

Microtek can help with driving additional business to your site through PPC advertising opportunities by supporting the setup and management of campaigns. We provide setup and maintenance packages, and you provide the budget for running ads for as little as 10$ a day. Using tools like Facebook ads can be invaluable for businesses that need local exposure, or for products with a niche interest group. Google Adwords provides the ‘big’ search market, and through analysis of keywords, and regions, we can generate huge brand exposure in addition to the traffic that will visit your site.

No matter what solution you choose, there is a marketing and sales opportunity with Pay per Click advertising. Identifying these opportunities, and correcting weak points in your current web strategy that will serve you in the future is what we do best.


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