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Content is the heart of your website. When you share your experience and expertise with visitors, you build authority and generate trust.  What is often missing are the details.  How content is placed on the page can have a significant impact on a search engine’s ability to index and rank your content.  It’s more than just titles, descriptions and keywords. Dozens of factors contribute to your overall rank when built on a foundation of a few key elements.

Search Engine Optimization forms that strong foundation for your content. SEO a critical step to getting visitors to your site!

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  • Learn to how to properly format your content for Search Engines
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  • How to keep your content clean
  • How to make your pages load faster
  • Control your image on the search results page
  • Understand citations and the secret language of trust
  • Learn how regular content grows your following
  • Pictures aren’t worth a thousand words, or are they?
  • How sharing is caring
  • Duplication is great for cloning, but not on your site
  • Don’t make your marketing into content. Make content you can Market!
  • Make friends, and use them to your advantage
  • Get listed, get found
  • Crossing the Finish Line