Work-From-Home Video Editing Support

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    You record your video content. Use whatever recording device is available to you (mobile phone or digital camera, etc).
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    You send your video to our editing team. We will edit out fumbles, add branding and produce a quality video clip.
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    You have ready-to-publish video content. Easy, made-at-home content for you to publish to your social channels.

When working remotely, or from isolation due to illnesses (or Pandemics) recorded video is a great option for delivering news, status updates, or team support.  If you aren’t a technical wizard though, the thought of creating video can be a little daunting. To help you overcome some of the technical challenges, Mtek Digital is re-tooling our team to help.

For a limited time, while Canadians are under the Government recommended social-distancing and isolation policies Mtek Digital is offering a low-cost production service to help you stay in contact with your teams, boards, associations, staff, or customers.

Who could benefit from this service?

  • Business owners who want their customers to know what’s happening
  • People who want to thank others for working so hard during these times
  • Solopreneurs and Gig-Economy workers who want to share their skills
  • Educators, Trainers, or Consultants to keep engaged with their students or clients
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Our Video Production Offer

We’ll take your own recorded video (Cell phone, or digital camera), edit out any of your fumbles, and add your corporate brand or contact details and return it to you within 24  business hours (Friday submissions after Noon will be processed by Monday Noon.)
Our intention isn’t to make you a movie star – it’s to help you get your messages out when you need to, and look as professional as possible for as low a fee as we can manage.  It’s a way for you to keep your business moving, and a way to support us – a local business just like you – through a difficult and paradigm changing time.

Video Pricing

Under 5 Minutes


Between 5-10 Minutes


Raw Video Recorded at Home

Edited & Ready for the Public

So - How Does It Work?

To Get Started, Just Follow These Steps!
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    Record Your Video Message

    Source video up to 5 minutes for the basic fee, or up to 10 minutes for the premium fee.

    Need a longer video? Contact Us.

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    List the Cuts / Edits to be Made

    Use the time in the clip to indicate where to make an edit. (eg. Add title at 1:12 )

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    Provide a ZIP / Archive file containing:

    1. Your Video File (.AVI, .MP4, .MOV or standard Mobile Phone video file)
    2. Business Logo (.AI, .EPS, or .PNG preferred – .JPG or .GIF if that’s all you have.)
    3. A Document (Text, or MSWord) with a Title or date, 3 lines of text (Up to 35 characters per line max) for your contact details (email / web address for example), and list any edits as per step 2.

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    Name the file

    For example:

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    Upload your file

    Transfer the file to using WeTransfer at:

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    Submit & Pay for Your Video

    at our Submission Form and pay the fees that best reflect your needs.

What Our Team Will Do

Our team will edit your video, clean up the image or sound if possible, and create a brief intro using the content you’ve provided.  We’ll then send your finished video back to you within 24 business hours. See the samples for an idea of how we can take your home recorded video, and turn it into something professional for your communication needs.

Example Video: