Learn about Edmonton Craft Beer an Mtek Digital Short Film

The Edmonton Craft Beer Industry is a new and growing segment of our urban environment.

The surge of craft beer in the last 10 years has created both a new industry, and new social environments. Brewers, and Entrepreneurs are sharing new spaces and introducing opportunities for Restaurants and Entertainment that didn’t exist even 5 years ago.

We love our city too – Edmonton is our home, and where we do business. We believe in it – and we believe in those who choose to build futures here – which is a significant risk that all of these new brewers take each and every day.

In this short film – Mtek Digital speaks with some of these Craft Brewers, including Alley Kat, Analog Brewing, Omen Brewing, and Blind Enthusiasm to talk about creating a new business in Edmonton. We also spoke to several retailers in the Craft Beer Market about how Edmonton is evolving to accept, and even demand this new product.

If you’ve already watched – we thank you! And if you haven’t – please do!

We greatly appreciate the contributions of:

Produced in Edmonton, Alberta

by Mtek Digital https://www.mtekdigital.ca

  • Executive Producer: David Papp
  • Producer/Writer/Director: Greg Scratchley
  • DP: Andrew Hlushak, Michael Millan
  • 1AC: Alex Papp
  • Best boy, Grip: Jonah Hansen
  • Editors: Michael Millan, Andrew Hlushak, Alex Papp

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