Mtek Digital Managed Marketing Services

Effective – our team is skilled and ready to get the job done
Predictable – fixed monthly costs for services
Focused – your goals, our teams, monthly deliverables
Changing the Meaning of

Online Marketing for Businesses

In much the same way that IT Services support businesses by providing a scope of service offerings at a practical and predictable cost, Mtek Digital’s Online Marketing Services can revolutionize how you engage with your market. In the early stages of a business, word of mouth and outreach is often enough to drive growth. At some point, however, these methods hit a plateau — they no longer have the reach necessary to find new customers in efficient ways.

If your business has a limited marketing footprint with only a part-time effort, or a single resource, it is simply impossible to create, implement and maintain a competitive marketing position. Modern online marketing goals require varied skill sets.  This creates a Marketing role that needs to support multiple vendors, each with their own costly budget.

Consider a Unique Solution

Managed Marketing Services

Managed Marketing Partnerships (MMP) gives your small business access to a talented, effective team of experts, complementary online products and services to grow your company. Our monthly marketing package provides access to all of the marketing tools we offer – from strategy to project execution.

Website Design

We ease you into our simple design process and deliver quality website solutions.

SEO, Social Media and Online Advertising

We create a strategy that fits your situation.

Video Production

We can create corporate videos to help with marketing and customer engagement.


Basic plans start at $3500/month, with a six-month minimum commitment.

Each month, our team will perform routine support and reporting functions, content and media production, and materials for your online efforts.  We can utilize time from your allocation for major projects, support, campaign or social media efforts, or additional marketing needs. Monthly hour allocations do not rollover, however, we’ve found that selecting the right commitment allows us to action marketing plans and goals from month-to-month while keeping overall costs at a manageable and predictable budget.  Annually – you’ll have access to a complete Marketing support team, for less than the cost of a single employee.

It’s our goal to ensure that we satisfy as many of your marketing needs as possible, while respecting your budget. Some businesses will need more cycles, others less. During your initial six-month commitment, we’ll identify your needs and develop a plan with measurable goals to execute your project(s).

Occasionally, we’ll find that your needs require a larger percentage of our hours than is reasonable at the basic commitment rate. We can identify these needs and develop a strategy or plan out the costs to best suit your goals.

Capabilities and Cost Savings

Mtek Digital’s Managed Marketing Services provide needed expertise in execution for your online marketing projects. Even those businesses with a dedicated marketing resource require outside assistance with design, technical implementations, campaign development, branding and print services, and website development and maintenance. Mtek Digital has a team of experienced creators, designers, software engineers, online marketers and SEO professionals to support dozens of execution strategies.

Your monthly commitment provides access to the whole team, when you need us.
You have Questions we have Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Managed Marketing Partnerships work?

First – let’s meet and talk about your business. Typically we’ll meet with you (or use online meeting software) to get face-to-face. We can then provide you with a plan of how we can accomplish your marketing goals, and identify capabilities within your budget. We’ll identify a monthly plan cost that meets your needs, and a proposed duration for the engagement.
In those cases where you have an urgent task that needs a quick turnaround, we’re just a call or an email away.
The MMP isn’t an itemized-billing program.  It’s our goal to work hand-in-hand to deliver value to your business, and to be available when you need us. If you need more than your allotment in a given month — so be it.  If we find during the term of our partnership that your needs exceed the plan, we’ll work together to find the right solution to ensure your budget is being utilized efficiently, and make changes as required.

Absolutely not. If the work can be accomplished by our team or marketing experts, video producers, designers, photographers or account managers – then costs are included in your Managed Marketing Partnership fees. For printed materials, like posters, business cards, letterhead or brochures – as external support will be required, these charges will be in addition to your monthly fees. Paid online advertising through Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or other platform will be managed through your plan, but ad costs will be billed directly to you by the advertising providers.

Without question! We’re here to support your goals and provide the resources to act on those goals. Once plans are in place, we’ll manage them in the background on your behalf. This should tell you one important thing — you are the driver of your experience. We’ll need you to be responsive when discussing opportunities; and understand that you are welcome to get in touch when you have changes to make.

No. Our program operates like a retainer.  Your plan ensures that all of our resources are available to you at the level set by your budget.  It ensures that there are no barriers between your needs, and executing on those needs.  Months in which you require more services that your expected allotment covers will be handled with no extra charges.  In other months, you may be lighter — and we anticipate that over the term of your agreement, it will balance out.