Video Content Creation for Web Marketing

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    One monthly recording session in our studio. We keep you relaxed with simple FAQ questions.
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    Our video editors turn your footage into multiple professionally branded segments.
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    Your social channels spring to life every week/month with fresh video content.

Corporate and Social Video Production

Mtek Digital understands the complicated nature of producing for YouTube, Vimeo, and other social video sites. Equipment, lighting, storage, and bandwidth often exceed the capacity of new creators – effectively stifling creators before they get started!

We believe in creating content through video- and we believe that by supporting new content creators in their fledgling time – there is a higher likelihood of long-term success.  Mtek Digital Spaces is an answer to that problem!

Three Edmonton Video Production spaces:

Studio A: 16×16, one window wall for daylight, 2 black walls, ceiling power, one grey wall.  Flexible space for your setup.

Studio B: Talking head and Torso scale greenscreen space.  Reverse end of studio is full black.  Ceiling can be masked black if required.

Studio C: External access capable, Projector, high-speed network accessible, Ideal for web-cast presentations, recording training sessions with up to 12 people.  Gaming systems available for Lan parties, or group twitch streams.

Mtek Digital - Our Space

What Our Customers Say

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