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YouTube is one of the most frequently visited media sites in the world, and facebook sees hundreds of thousands of hits a day.  Your employees, partners and customers use these services every day – and the best way to communicate with these groups is to talk to them in the channels that they use most.


The largest social networking site in the world – facebook is generally recognized as a ‘must’ for any online strategy.  With a user-base comprised of nearly every market segment, your customers, employees, and partners have the opportunity to see your message.


With over 1.3 billion users – YouTube users voraciously consume content.  Over 300 hours of footage are uploaded every minute!  The platform is convenient and easy to use – which provides you a free and fully featured platform for sharing your messages.


Competitive Pricing

Contact us about rates and packages for studio recording, production, and distribution of your weekly message on social platforms!

Our monthly communications package includes a studio space recording session with our production team; preparation of four weekly communications videos, and support for sharing those videos across native Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube platforms to extend your brand awareness, engage with customers, and evolve your presence online!


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Mike Blackmore in Studio A
Studio B - Greenscreen-Chroma and Sound booth