Top Five Web Design Aesthetic Choices

First impressions matter the most, especially when it comes to your website. The overall look and feel of your website can turn visitors into clients. There are five important aesthetic elements that you should consider during the web design process. Layout: The most important thing about designing your website is the layout of text, images, …

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Key Functions of a Good Website

It is always a good idea for your business to have a website because it’s one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. Even the simplest website can generate business for your company, making your website well worth your time and money. But what should a good website do? Updated for 2017! Click here …

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Website Design: Do’s and Don’ts

When designing a website your choices may seem staggeringly endless. But how do you decide what makes a website work and work well? It’s not all about snazzy, sexy design. It’s about functionality. Thou shall not use… Under Construction Pages: A website should only go live once it’s done. If you’re just sprucing up your completed …

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