2019 Technology to Come!

A fun conversation between David Papp & Mike Blackmore about the outlook of technology in 2019. Check out the video!

Mobile User Experience (UX)

Do you have a grand design in mind for your website or app? Are you excited to unleash your creativity and uber-modern ideas into the world? Before you jump head first into the treacherous waters of web design and mobile applications, you need to take stock of the details. The reality is even if your …

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User Behaviour and Design for Mobile Platforms

Today, more people around the globe have access to smartphones than they do to clean water. That simple truth has led to a powerful reality—mobile behavior is tracked and scrutinized more than ever before. Designing for these mobile platforms requires special attention. For businesses, capitalizing on mobile behavior is critical to making the most of marketing …

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Why You Should Be Looking At Your Site On A Smartphone

The Internet is the driving force behind businesses today. Whether it is it find more information about the products, services or businesses that they have in mind or to shop for products or buy services that they need, the Internet is the go-to place for millions of people across the world. Businesses have understood this …

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