VOIP/SIP Services

The increasing reliability of internet telephone technology makes it the obvious choice for reducing communication costs while improving collaboration and customer care. The technology offers lower, stable monthly costs compared to legacy phones, plus a range of amazing productivity features: voice or video conferencing, shared screens and whiteboards, call forwarding anywhere to mobile devices, and customizable voicemail and call-handling options.

The limitations of traditional telephones — poor sound quality, high costs, and limited features — have been replaced by Voice over Internet Protocol and multimedia-capable SIP systems. We offer all-in-one packages, utilizing either your existing legacy hardware or new multifunction handsets from our partners. VoIP/SIP systems are hosted by Mtek, and scalable to meet peaks and troughs in your headcount or workload.

VoIP / SIP services will enable you to

  • Move your telecommunications from costly phone lines to affordable VOIP/SIP
  • Experience multimedia communication between 2 people or 2000
  • Access a range of collaboration- and CRM-enhancing tools
  • Provide more personal communication to differentiate your services
  • Replace fluctuating telephone bills with an affordable, scalable all-in-one solution
  • Know your VoIP/SIP system is secured and monitored 24/7

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