How long do I have to play?

You can play for 3 minutes. After that, controls will be released for the next player to have their turn.

How do I play?

You play the game by using either your keyboard or the on-screen buttons.

What are the controls?

Left / Right arrows or buttons to move the block left/right
Up rotates the block
Down makes the block drop a row
Space drops the block to the bottom
Enter starts the game

What if the board is blank?

It has probably gone into power-saving mode. Just press the Play! button to wake it up and start playing

Behind the Scenes

How was the board made?

We attached 3844 addressable RGB LEDs to 2 pieces of plywood, which are powered by 4 independent power supplies.

How is the board controlled?

We have a Raspberry Pi that connects to the LEDs via the GPIO port to set color and intensity. A second port is connected to a power switch so we can remotely turn the LEDs on and off to conserve power. The game code is all written in Python, and accepts input via a keyboard or through a web interface so it can be controlled via this page.

How is the camera set up?

We have a webcam attached to a second Raspberry Pi, which sends a video stream to an app running on the mtekdigital.ca website. That app then rebroadcasts the video stream to every viewer of this page.