The Cost-Saving Benefit of Managed Marketing Services

A pain-point experienced by many SMBs is the struggle to dedicate adequate resources toward marketing. While the need for effective marketing is apparent in the competitive landscape, it can feel daunting due to the complexity of solutions and the uncertainty of cost.

When budget constraints play a role in decision making, it’s also important to feel like every dollar is being used effectively.

How does a business wrestling with this common issue find a solution that delivers impact, stability, and value?

Have You Heard of Managed Marketing Services?

What if you had access to a full team of marketing professionals, for a monthly fixed cost, who put their shoulder behind your marketing problems and worked on your behalf?

Managed Marketing is a relatively new concept and is an outstanding option for SMBs. Rather than hiring a single freelancer or a full-time employee who may only have experience in a few of the skills you require, you could partner with a team with all the capabilities you need.

These specialized skills might include:

  • Website design & development
  • Project management
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO & Digital ads
  • Brand & graphic design
  • Videography & Production

Why It is a Cost-Effective Marketing Solution

The concept is – your contract provides you with access to all these marketing services and a team of experts to put them into action. You can utilize them however you want, prioritizing the services you want within the scope of your budget. There will be no extra fees or unexpected invoices. You can opt in on a budget you are comfortable with and customize a marketing plan that specifically meets your needs.

For less than the cost of an employee, you have access to this team who have an enormous wealth of experience. A good team will invest themselves in learning your business, developing a strategy to assist you in reaching your goals. Realistically, they should be able to provide measurable increases in the effectiveness of your marketing dollars, that should be a higher return-on-investment.

It’s the bang-for-your-buck solution that brings immediate value.

You Can Focus On Being Productive in Your Business

When your marketing is managed by a dedicated team of professionals, this will free up existing resources to focus on the business of your business. As an owner, it frees up your time to dedicate to other priorities more in line with your business goals.

Your team of managers and employees will be more productive, spending time performing the skills and roles they were hired for. We live in a time when employees are asked to do more with less resources. When tasked with responsibilities outside of their area of expertise, they can experience a level of burnout that is costly to morale, productivity, and well-being.

Managed services are one of the easiest ways to reduce the burnout within your team, delivering more impactful results, and helping to streamline your business operations.

Mtek Digital offers Managed Marketing Packages to Our Clients

We are an MSP business, but we also have a flair for marketing! As SMBs are focused on running their business, they seldom devote enough time to promoting and growing it — and often, they lack the marketing savvy and skillset to do so. With our experience and training, we have learned a few things about websites, social media, search engines and consumer behaviour. Our Managed Marketing Services will connect you with your audience at the right place and the right time.

Check our Managed Marketing Packages and see if it’s the right fit for you!