Top 8 Free Web Video Conference Apps

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]With the Coronavirus continuing to spread, how we do business and communicate with others has shifted dramatically. One of the large ways is how we all communicate. Whether that’s with potential clients, other businesses, or even our own team.

And with many people tight on cash during these times – or for other reasons – there is actually a large option of video conference and screen share apps that can fit your needs. They won’t disturb your workflow, and allow easy communication too.

Below are some options for you to communicate to people with no hassle.

GoToMeeting (

This app is one of the few widely used platforms that people recognize by name and for good reason. The biggest selling point is the interface is one of the easiest around. It has screen share capabilities and setting up meetings can be done in a few clicks.

It’s the beginners platform for video conferences.

The only catch with this platform though is if you are going down the free route with this, you are limited to only audio. Still this is a lot better than nothing at all. Also note that like many other platforms like this, free versions restrict how many people can be in these meetings. So this is good for solopreneurs or a team of three.

Whereby (

Another good option to consider is Whereby. I’d consider this an upgrade to GoToMeeting in that the free plan allows up to four people in a meeting. You also get access to audio and video in the free plan.

Though because this platform is giving you a lot at the beginning, upgrading to higher plans is a little more expensive. Still, it’s a good option if you have a small team or need to call people quick.

Pexip (

Pexip is another unique web conference app in that you are able to host conferences through the cloud as well as on premise. Cloud services like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services works with this.

You also have other apps that can be integrated into this platform as well giving you more customization than other video conference platforms around.

Cisco Webex (

Owned and hosted by the networking giant Cisco, this video conference software is a strong one. It was one of the first ones around and since then, Cisco has been able to make adjustments and tailor this to the changing market of video conferences.

The free version does limit you to three people, but there is a lot of security behind it if you have Cisco Spark. What this means is that you can encrypt these meetings ensuring it’ll be a challenge for people to break in or hack the calls.

TeamViewer (

Another large company that is competing with Cisco’s security is TeamViewer. If you’re not big on Cisco or not interested in their app, this app provides a good alternative. There are a good number of features such as being able to run multiple remote sessions and a sticky note feature which can be treated like a messaging system.

Skype (

For those old enough this is like the modern day Microsoft messenger or AOL. It’s free, and it’s probably the first app that came to mind when you think of video conference apps these days.

But easy recognition, doesn’t mean it is the best option to go for. Skype has had a rocky time with the platform being restrictive and also has tendencies of crashing. Still, if you have no other option for whatever reason, this is an alternative.

The only requirement is that you and whoever you plan to talk to has a Skype ID.

Zoom (

A better option to consider over Skype is Zoom. For Zoom only the host needs to have an account to initiate the call, though those invited can make an account if they like. Zoom provides a lot of features like many of the other platforms discussed already.

They have a free plan of course, but there are limits. First, you can only have three people in a meeting. Also if you are having a meeting with three people, you are restricted to these calls having a duration of 40 minutes.

The upside is that if you only do one on one meetings, there is no time duration making it ideal for solopreneurs to use this platform.

Google Hangouts (

Google has had their hand in all kinds of things and video conferences is one of those things with Google Hangouts. Considering Google has stated they wanted to make Google Hangouts their prime source for telephony products, it’s no surprise there are several features available.

You still need to have a Google account in order to access this platform, but you can have up to 10 people in Hangouts at a time. Best of all is that this is free.

Which Is The Best?

The best software for you is the one that’ll fit your business needs. I know it’s a vague answer but each business has various needs moving forward. My suggestion is that now that you have a general understanding of these platforms, I’d encourage you to try several of the platforms.

In a lot of cases, getting this software requires you to either download the app or to create an account. As such, there is nothing wrong with doing that and trying it out. If you’re not a fan of it, you can delete your account or remove the software and not worry about it. After all, this is all free for you to try out.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_separator][/vc_column][/vc_row]