What is Trust and Why Does it Matter to SEO

Keeping up with Google’s SEO policies is eerily similar to chasing train boxcars—they’re pretty much impossible to keep up with. One facet that remains the same is Google’s faith in trustworthy sites. But what is ‘trust’ in the online world? How can you make sure your site is considered ‘trustworthy,’ and how does it affect your SEO?

What is Trust?

No, we’re not talking about the metaphorical terminology often misunderstood by most people, trust in terms of a website has more to do with how trustful your site is. The more trustworthy your site is the more likely your content is to rank highly on Google searches. If you have low-quality content, you aren’t likely to get Google’s stamp of approval.

How can You Build Trust for Your Website?

If you want the search engines to view your website as a trusted authority site, you have to first make sure you have some basic things in place like an about us, privacy policy, and terms and conditions pages ready to go.

Another thing you should do is create long-form content. Longer articles and content pages are generally seen as more trusting. Regularly updating your website is another important factor to keep in mind. Spammy sites rarely update their content, since they are launched and forgotten about.

Links to trusted sites are also a great idea to build trust in your website. Don’t directly link to any competitors but search for sites that have a high Alexa ranking and link back to them. This makes you a credible website people can count on for quality information.

How Does Trust Affect SEO?

Google’s number one concern is helping people find the answers to their searches. They give priority to the most trusted websites that offer that solution. If you can prove that you’re a trusted source of information and products, you’ll be golden in the eyes of Google.

Build trust for your website by sharing content that’s valuable, linking to authority websites, and connecting with people in your niche.


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