Using Automation to Populate your Twitter Feed

Twitter is the place to go if you want to build a following. It has millions of active users, countless hashtags to utilize, and a simple to understand format.

The trouble is, how do you keep your Twitter feed active when you’re busy doing ten thousand other things?!

Enter automation tools that allow you to populate your Twitter feed.

Here’s what you need to know about automating your Twitter account, and what you should be wary of.

How Automation Works

There are several tools that professional tweeters use to get the word out about their business or just to share content. These include:

  • FeedBurner
  • SocialOomph
  • Twitterfeed

These are the big guys. You can also automate your tweets using services like Buffer which allow you to plan them in advance, but these tools aren’t for automation.
Once you decide which of these tools works for you, you can start customizing your feed for certain blogs, niches, and businesses. The tool will do the rest for you.

Should You Automate Your Twitter Feed

The primary benefit of using an automation tool to jumpstart your posting is that you don’t have to pay a VA or some other service to add content to your twitter feed. Instead, you simply must sign up and fill out your profile.

Other benefits include more page views to your website and blog posts, increased customer engagement, better SEO thanks to social sharing, and providing instant updates to your followers with minimal effort. Instead of wasting time manually sharing content on your Twitter profile, you can simply let these tools do the work for you.

A word of caution, however. Don’t become too reliant on social profiles. Be sure to customize some of your tweets, particularly when it comes to re-sharing influencer’s content. Adding a personal note while using the @ symbol can go a long way towards improving your status on Twitter.

Automation is a personal choice, but for small business owners it offers a simple way to get active on social media.