Do-It-Yourself Studio Rental

$60/hr Flat Rate

We provide the space. Basic production grade Equipment including cameras and lighting, set elements, and the ability to direct your own creative process.

We show you where the start/stop recording button is and off you go!  You need to bring an external USB hard drive to get a copy of the raw video recording files (USB thumb drives are too slow for large files).

Assisted Studio Access

$120/hr Flat Rate

For those with a message or a strategy, but who’ve not mastered the technical prowess to manage both sides of a project Mtek Digital can provide staff to support your vision with planning, and behind the camera support for lighting, setup and capture.

Full Service Production

$499 (first minute)

Production at $120/hr

For those with a message and the strategy, but you have neither the time nor inclination to master production.  Mtek’s team can support your production session through setup, capture, editing and branding.  You master your message, and we’ll create the final product ready for distribution on your internal networks, social channels, or public hosting services.

Mtek Digital is the first Online Marketing provider in Edmonton to offer full in-house studio, production, and podcast services.

We’re excited to support our Small and Medium-sized business community with a cost-effective way to directly engage with their customers and build their brands.

Contact us to book a Studio or talk to us about your project.