Intro & Outro Branded Video Clips

Many companies have the ability and/or desire to create their own video content, but they don’t know how to apply their unique branding to their clips. We’ve tried to help our clients by offering a simple introduction and outro clips (with musical background themes) which can be easily added to the beginning and end of their videos. It takes a simple self-made video shot and turns it into a useful, branded marketing piece.

Promotional Videos

Video is an extremely popular and effective format for online marketing, especially when trying to deliver a professional, clear and informative message in a captivating way. Promotional videos can take on many styles, from an easy slideshow to a scripted interview / voice over style that is personalized.

Series Production Videos

Many companies develop a “video series” to provide content for their YouTube and social media channels. Videos can create a personal and informative relationship with potential customers, and help build an audience who continue to follow.