Video ads are the most effective way to garner attention and direct viewers to take action.

Using a professionally written script with custom introductions or outro’s with well recorded voice-over, ads reinforce your message and deliver a compelling story that grabs attention and persuades audiences.

Video Ads Persuade and Promote

Showcase your company
Example: restaurants, contractors, hair salons, web and IT

Highlight your professional services
Example: medical, legal, financial, health & beauty, real-estate

Feature the benefits of your products
Example: retail stores, ecommerce sites, manufacturers, software

Promote your destination
Example: parks, stadiums, neighborhoods, golf courses



1 Round of Edits

1 Location

1 Interviews



2 Round of Edits

1 Location

2 Interviews



2 Round of Edits

1 Location

3 Interviews

Included in the Video Packages:
  • Professionally written script and recorded voice-over
  • Natural and engaging shots of your business in action
  • Closing with your contact details and call-to-action
  • Dedicated producer & videographer
  • Music, graphics, post production
  • Web, mobile ready formats (MOV, MPEG4)

Introduction & Outro Video Package

As many clients do, you can create your own video content. We can supply a professional introduction and outro video to bookend your clips. It allows you to make your own video as often as you want, while maintaining your consistent branding.



10-20 Second Sequence

Branding Animation

Audio & Music



Closing Sequence


Exit Audio