What Is Conversion, And What Does That Have To Do With Your Web Site?

Websites are for marketing your brand or service. Getting visitors to your site who would engage with you through the content on your website is something that all websites aim for. Without visitors being engaged or interested in what you offer on your website means your website is not functioning as well as it could. If visitors spend less time on your site or do not do what you expect them to do like ‘download’, ‘sign up’ then it means you have a low conversion rate.

So what is conversion?
Digitally speaking conversion means that visitors to your website are taking the action you want them to take. The action could be anything from signing up for a free newsletter, to creating an account, downloading a mobile application or making a sale or anything else you want them to do like taking a survey. If visitors are taking the conversion action, it means that they are having a meaningful engagement on your website. Some actions on the website are easy and can be done immediately but others will require time and reflection before visitors convert.

What improves engagement and conversion rate on websites
Depending on your resources you could engage a professional website design company to look over your website. They would know if you are using the wrong colors on your website. Or perhaps there is too much clutter on your pages that confuses visitors. Your call to action button should be clearly visible and placed correctly. Does your headline convey the right message? Read customer reviews and comments as these can provide you with hints about what is wrong with your website. Sometimes all you need to do for conversion is add an image, change the wording of your call to action and be a little subtle about the price.

Continued engagement
If a company, business or service has succeeded in generating interest among visitors then you as the owner of the website would naturally want the relationship with your visitors to continue and grow so that they become customers. This means that you would like to optimize your conversion rate. In case you do not have satisfactory conversion rate then you need to analyze your current rate of conversion by using KISSmetrics or Google Analytics. Once you have identified the trouble spots and then you will have to redesign your website so that you can get a healthy conversion rate. If you already have enough traffic you could improve the quality of engagement with your current visitors by redesigning the website.

Conversion rate optimization gets you the right kind of customers
You have built your website with the aim of getting customers who love your product, who will buy and will want to talk about it to others; which helps your marketing efforts. Since your profits are related to conversion rate and more conversion means more profits and that is why websites needs to be built for engagement and conversions.

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