What is your Backup Solution for your Cloud Applications?

When it comes to backup strategies, many people make the false assumption that when data is backed up in the cloud, it is completely protected.

Backing up data on the cloud is a good idea but backing up the online tools themselves is also a good idea and can save businesses time and people headaches. Here is why it’s important to know what your cloud applications backup solution is and why it matters.

It Can Be A Failsafe For Accidental Or Intentional Deletion

Files and data get deleted all the time. Sometimes that data has served its purpose and doesn’t need to be used any longer, but that’s not every case. It’s not uncommon for people to accidentally delete something and that data will need to be restored.

In the case of most cloud applications, the recovery process can be a headache to navigate. Having backup solutions in place beyond the cloud can be very helpful. Businesses can also save time as recovering files from the cloud can be a difficult and time-consuming process.

This is also convenient if employees delete files weeks or days ago and only realize the mistake now. At that point, the data is lost, and a backup solution can help with recovery.

It Also Is The Law To Have Multiple Backup Solutions

Today, there are more laws, rules, and regulations surrounding privacy and customer data than before. These have only become stricter as more cyberattacks have come into play and now it’s vital for even small businesses to have tight security measures in place.

Backup is one component of this as it ties into communication archiving. Many compliance and privacy laws require some level of backups and cloud applications aren’t enough to handle that.

It Gives Peace Of Mind

This phrase has been used plenty of times and speaks about another “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” In the case of cloud applications, that is the case. Regardless of the size of the business, data loss can be severe. And it is the harshest when businesses only have one backup solution in place.

Data isn’t guaranteed to disappear and cloud applications do have security measures in place, but their existence isn’t enough to mitigate the worst-case scenario entirely. There is always a risk that any or all data could be lost for good.

Even in cases where businesses rely on big businesses (like Microsoft) to reliably store data on their cloud services, there is still a possibility that those companies could get attacked and the data could be compromised.

When companies move from one single backup solution to two and subsequently three, there are more fail safes in place. It can seem like overkill to have multiple solutions for backups, but it’s important to keep in mind that data is a business’s most valuable asset. It deserves to be protected at all times.

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