When is a Website Outdated?

Is Your Website Getting Old?

The Lifespan of a Website can really vary, depending on how well it was originally developed and how regularly it is maintained. However, one thing for sure is: the website is a rapidly growing and dynamically changing beast. Since it has become such a prevalent piece in the marketing scheme of any business, it’s important to be sure you’re keeping up with the evolutions. From our experience, we find that an average website requires a major upgrade / redesign every 3 to 4 years.

Here are some points to consider when evaluating how dated your website is:

  • Does your Website utilize the latest technologies? As mentioned in our introduction, things are changing quickly. As the trends change, so do the expectations of the users. Are you applying any of the latest tools? As a simple example, does your website use a dynamic, up-to-date web platform like WordPress that can easily incorporate popular widgets and tools, and/or Social Media? Are you considering how your website functions on the latest mobile and tablet devices?
  • What are your competitors doing on their website? Innovation is marker for relevancy in the new online world. If you are unaware of how your competitors are utilizing the internet, you may find yourself falling behind on the curve. Modern consumers almost all take the time to look you up on the internet as they are shopping around for products and services. If you aren’t keeping up, then maybe your customers will begin questioning your relevancy in your industry.
  • Is your Website looking like digital shag-carpet & floral wall paper? Visual design can rapidly date your website. The internet is full of young, innovative and creative minds that are driving the styles seen across the internet. Trends are often a reflection of the technological tools that power and support the modern websites. You’ll notice the highly graphical and flashy years of the early 2000’s have been replaced by sleek and lightweight designs of the recent years. If you aren’t paying attention, your website will look like the run-down, outdated neighbour’s home next door.
  • Are you adapting your website to search engine requirements? Do you know that search engines are constantly tweaking and adjusting how they determine which website should rank highest? It only makes sense that they would do so, because technology forces them to keep pace with the way websites are being developed. As new tools are introduced, search engines like Google need to account for how those tools will affect page ranking and relevancy. If you haven’t done anything to enhance your website over the past few years, chances are Google knows you’re lagging behind – and therefore, are less ‘vibrant and relevant’ compared to other businesses who are actively engaged in their online presence.

These are just a few considerations in evaluating your current website. It’s pretty important stuff, considering how connected we are and how deeply we depend on the internet as our primary source of information.

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James Rozak is the Creative Manager at Microtek Corporation, sharing his talents as a graphic designer, branding specialist, web developer and illustrator for over 15 years. 

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