When will my site be on Google’s first page?


Every day one of our clients ask ‘When will my site be on google’s first page?’. Seo’s of ‘questionable’ repute will frequently ‘guarantee’ first page results in just weeks – but is it realistic? What impact does the content and keyword selection play in this? In short – how long does it really take to get to page one?

UK Web specialists “The Website Group” compiled research from the data geniuses at Ahrefs into a handy infographic that might shed some light on the question, and may help answer the real question.

There are a number of factors that will impact the answer to this important question. Is the domain authoritative, and does it already rank reasonably well? Are the keywords popular, or very unique? How much competition is there and is that competition of high quality?

Of the takeaways offered by the infographic below are several key points. Rank comes with time, and quality counts. The work you put in today on your site may take as much as several years to gain enough longevity to move up the results page. If you’re building a site on your own, or you’re working with a solid SEO you’re building for the long term. Consider this in site redesigns and make sure your redirects are considered carefully and make sure your keywords are accurate but above all – consider patience as a part of the process.


How long does it take a page to rank on Google?

Infographic courtesy ‘The Website Group’ https://thewebsitegroup.co.uk/infographics/how-long-to-rank-google/


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