Why Is Having a Website Important?

Why is Having a Website Important?

We’ve found it amazing how often business owners still ask the question of whether or not a website is a necessity for their marketing strategy. It often comes from people in industries who don’t feel the internet has superseded the tried and true methods of the YellowPages, newspaper ads, outdoor signage and the oh-so-coveted “Word of Mouth” plug. We are still designing for traditional print marketing, so we can’t disagree that those avenues have their necessary place (and they will for a very long time). However, we just wanted to offer a little everyday perspective on online marketing (commonly called ‘Search Marketing’). 

Traditional marketing strategies utilizing print, from brochures to business cards remain essential in establishing and anchoring a brand. You still need to be able to hand someone a business card, or to set a brochure on a desk or at a kiosk. And it still is impressive to hand a customer a well designed marketing package with a folder and well crafted marketing sheets. Yet, it would pulling ‘ostrich’ to ignore the vital trends evolving in marketing. We know; the internet is a scary evolution for someone who is unfamiliar with the basics of the online world. But to approach it half-heartedly isn’t a solution.

  • More and More, Customers Will Google You Before They Call You

    You would be very interested to consider how often people will scour the internet before they ever make a phone call. They’ll pull up “google” and search out the options before making a decision. While a website doesn’t have to spell everything out, it acts as a measure of credibility. Not only are they looking for options, they’re often looking to simply verify your business. If you have no website; you can completely fall off the radar. By simply HAVING a website, you position yourself as being relevant within your industry.

  • People Who Use Search Engines Very Often Have Intention to Buy

    Think about it. To intentionally open up a web browser and to type in a search term into a search engine means there is specific interest and intention. If people are bothering to search, they are doing so with intention. They’re looking for specific information.

    This summer I looked up the term “barbecue”. Not because I am fetished with stainless steel and grills. It wasn’t that I wanted to look at pretty pictures of food being torched. I had a specific need and interest. I was doing research, and I was doing it with an intention to eventually purchase.

    If your product or service is not online – you aren’t even in the game.

  • Compare Cost of Print Advertising vs. a Website

    Have you ever booked ad space in a newspaper? How’d that go for you? Depending on the publication, one spot for one issue might cost enough to buy yourself a decent website. Within a couple days, your print ad will sit on a page of a publication at the bottom of the recycling pile. Meanwhile, your website will be up 24/7 …for years.

These are just a couple thoughts off the top of our head. This doesn’t even begin to consider the actual statistics behind the constantly surging trends of SEO, Social Media and overall online use.

So do you need a website? Frankly, if you’re in business….you’d be crazy to not have one. Even tonight, while you’re at home enjoying dinner with your family…someone might be online looking up your business.

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