Why it Makes Sense to Move your Email Hosting to the Cloud

Everyone online has an email address – or multiple ones – but how many can say that they are using cloud based email hosting? Probably not that many. According to a 2016 report, 90% of companies worldwide were using on-premise email or some other option for communication.

However, the climate has changed over the years. There was a push for cloud-based email hosting and some businesses implemented it. But now it’s further widespread as companies are seeing the benefits of these services.

It makes business sense to move email hosting to the cloud notably because businesses get to reap the following benefits.

It Saves Money

While some email services are free to use, owners are restricted by the whims of host providers. For those that want business emails, it often costs companies to provide employees with those and the price isn’t always cheap.

With cloud-based emails, many providers use subscription models which allow companies to save a significant amount of money. By making that switch, companies remove the need for massive capital and settle with a monthly or even annual operational expense that is easy to track.

It Scales Very Well

Many email host providers might not make it easy to set up new emails for new employees. It can involve extra and unnecessary steps or it could be a time-consuming process. Cloud-based email hosting makes it easy to scale up or down, ensuring companies don’t need to update license counts and storage capacity whenever someone joins the company or leaves.

Better Uptime

Several cloud-based email hosting providers use multiple redundant sites. Paired with the fact data is all stored in the cloud, it’s easier to recover data and provide a better uptime. In the end, businesses using these services will bounce back faster than those using on-premises solutions

Simplified Administration

No longer will businesses need to perform maintenance on their systems nor will there be any need to address version control issues either. As is the case with any web-based applications, these systems simplify administrative tasks significantly.

They Have Better Security

Corporate emails are now stored off-site rather than on an on-site device. These off-site locations are also highly protected. Beyond that, many cloud-based service providers will spend more resources keeping it safe than any other organization out there.

Remote Access

Finally, users who use cloud-based email hosting can access their email from anywhere at any time, ensuring productivity isn’t halted because of waiting to get to the office to check for emails.

This feature also makes it easier for companies to adopt a mobile/remote workforce as well. Many employees enjoy it and companies have seen the benefits of it due to the pandemic forcing companies to adapt.

As a result, systems like these make the process easier as employees only need a stable internet connection to access it.

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