Why Businesses should choose Cloud-based VoIP

One of the biggest reasons a company fails is it is unable to maintain a positive cash flow. Many barely make it through the first year and it’s estimated seven out of 10 companies don’t make it past 10 years.

As a business owner, it’s obvious that maintaining cash flow is important and that often comes down to monitoring spending. This is especially true for companies that are using money to grow their company.

One purchase that some companies might be interested in is getting their own telephony system. It makes sense as communication features get streamlined, assure better security and privacy, and can provide valuable analytics to retain customers.

The only major issue with these systems is that while they do save time and money, setting them up requires a lot of capital, on top of the operational expenses through maintenance of thee equipment.

It’s even harder to justify when not only do many businesses offer VoIP services, there are many others that offer those same services through the cloud. In fact, the best decision for business that wants a telephony system is to make it cloud based. Here is why.

Better Quality

There can be several performance issues that can occur on a network that impacts VoIP communications. These issues result in delayed packet transmissions and difficult to understand communications. This is further added that If companies invest in their own system on-site, the company’s team is responsible for identifying, locating, and fixing issues when they come up.

A cloud-based VoIP avoids all of that as they work to optimize the network for voice traffic. When companies have the right provider, they can receive high-quality voice services backed by service level agreements.

Rapid Scalability

When companies are adopting these systems, it’s a sign the company is growing and wants to leverage that growth. Cloud-based VoIPs can help with this because they can scale rapidly unlike an in-house communications network. Furthermore, Cloud based VoIPs also make that scalability affordable.

More Flexibility

When a company has multiple locations, it can be messy if there is one company-maintained communication system. A cloud-based VoIP avoids that mess because they work from anywhere. Regardless of which location an employee is in, they’re able to easily access it from a single point.

More Mobility

Many cloud-based VoIP systems work in conjunction with other systems. For example, if a company has a unified communications platform, they’ll be able to better mobilize their workforce.

Better Security

Physical networks can still be tampered with even if they are stored in a secure location. Cloud VoIPs are inherently more secure for being Cloud-based but they often come with advanced security features to protect data further via encryptions, and phishing and spoofing detection services.

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