Why Video Marketing is King?

The trends have been evident for many years that video marketing has taken center stage. People are consuming video at levels that are staggering, and the research available serves to highlight why businesses should be including it in their strategy. 

Consider some of these facts about Video:

  • On LinkedIn, video gets 3 times more engagement than text posts and are the most reshared form of content on the platform.
  • The total time spent watching videos increased by around 249% in 5 years
  • 84% of people say that watching online videos of brands has convinced them to buy a product or service (Wyzowl).
  • 91% of marketers feel that the pandemic has made video important for businesses and brands (Hubspot)
  • 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, holding steady from last year. (Hubspot)
  • Instagram has seen an 80% increase in users spending time watching video on the platform since June 2017 (Instagram)
  • Video posts on social media get 48% more views (The Marketing Helpline)
  • Online video consumption has increased across all age groups in the last 5 years, but the largest increase is seen in people over 46 years old (Limelight)

A Few Reasons Why People Don’t Create Video Content

Don’t Have the Equipment

This idea that high-end video capture equipment is required is misguided. In fact, social media and influencer marketing has changed the expectations people have towards video content. Influencers often shoot videos where they are, using the device they have with them, most often their cell phone. 

People no longer expect highly produced videos, and often, they will not even know what you used as a camera (besides, the quality of cell phones is impressive these days!).

Not Good at Being on Camera

Similar to the misconception about equipment, people think they need to be picture perfect on camera. The trend towards “user-generated” video content is real (e.g., TikTok, Instagram, Facebook stories). This means that people resonate with a less polished message and value authenticity. Learning to be yourself, to be natural and personable is well-received on camera. 

Some of the most popular videos feature simple how-to solutions, brand stories, demonstrations about products – all of which are opportunities for natural, unrehearsed dialogue. 

Don’t Have Time for Video

Another rapidly growing trend is short-form video. Instagram Reels, TikTok and even YouTube Shorts reflect the popularity of quick, short, spontaneous video that does not require a high degree of production. If you can find a way to incorporate short-form video into your content strategy, it is not hard to create quick content. 

Including Video in Your Strategy

Video is an important aspect of a small business marketing plan, and given the trajectory and trends of online marketing, it should not be neglected. The truth is video is not just a trend: it is here to stay, and it is only growing. 

It has never been more important, and it has never been easier to create video content for your business. If any of the barriers of making video content prevent you from opting into this trend, consider outsourcing to a Managed Marketing service. It gives you access to a team of experts who have strategies to produce quality, quick and professional video content on your behalf – within a fixed budget that works for you. 

There are styles of video that can be created that do not require an expensive video shoot or elaborate production. Short explainers or video-flyers are easy methods of creating effective, well branded video content.

The future of marketing includes video – the trends and stats tell the story! Do not hesitate to explore the options available and start generating content that works for you!

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