Why You Need to Track Traffic on Your Site

You have a beautifully designed website. You’ve spent money on Social Media ads and campaigns, surely it’s just a matter of time before the traffic starts rolling in. All you need to do now is focus on your products.


There is much more to building a business or service than launching a few ad campaigns. In fact, it’s an ongoing process. Your job is to continually attract, convert, and retain loyal customers.

What’s a key factor in getting this done? Metrics.

Before you can increase retention and conversions, you must identify which metrics you need to improve; the only way to do that is to study the data you have.
Here are a few additional reasons why you should start tracking your website’s traffic asap.

To Cut Costs!

Quite possibly the most important reason to measure metrics is to save yourself money. If you aren’t getting results from ad campaigns why continue using them? You can adjust your marketing efforts and syphon that investment into something that actually works. Metrics show you exactly where your traffic is coming from and what type of conversions you’re getting.

To Change Your Content Strategy

Without information, you can’t know whether your content is a hit with your readers. Metrics show you exactly what’s working, and what isn’t. The quality of your content directly affects numbers like page views and bounce rates, so having that data is crucial to building a successful website.

To Isolate the Best Times to Share

Metrics can even show you when people visit your site the most. That’s right, the exact time of day can be revealed. How is this helpful? It allows you to target your content and keep it fresh for more conversions.

Start using tools like Google Analytics to see exactly where your customers are coming from and what they’re doing when they arrive at your site. You may be surprised by the results.



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