Why you should use Video on your Site

Video is the internet’s new content medium. Platforms like YouTube have encouraged young and old alike to share their personal content in a worldwide platform. Mobile phones have also increased the use of video, as everyone has access to a recording device. But there are even more reasons why having video on your website is a good idea.

They Reach a Broader Audience

First, videos touch on a nerve that images and written content cannot. Plain and simple, videos attract more visitors to your website than the other two forms of medium combined. Not only will more visitors come to your website but they will also stay longer, simply because video engages them easier than an article typically can.

Videos Improve Engagement

Riding the dovetails of the last point, videos can improve engagement. Moving images simply engage more emotions than static thoughts on a screen can. While it might not always be fitting, videos can make an impact that touches on the emotions. However, it is important to realize that emotions can go overkill if you’re not careful. Pay attention to the theme if you want to make the greatest impact and improve your engagement.

Speaking of overkill, when done correctly, it can be stunning. See Honda’s Other Side

Video Encourages Interaction

Thanks to html and share links, videos have become interactive content that people can share with their friends and family. When you place a video on your website, you can drive more traffic back to your website. Interactive clips can be used to highlight product features or explain a how to article on your site. There is no limit to what you can do with video.

Communicate Content more Naturally

Videos can even be used to communicate your content thoroughly. They can also complement your design as a whole. Instead of providing only static images, a video can describe your content and communicate your brand with ease.

When concepts are very difficult to grasp, video can make it crystal clear. Check out this video illustrating the concept of ‘lag’ by a broadband network company.

The next time you think about implementing video on to your website, don’t hesitate. It can easily improve your website traffic and increase visitor engagement.