Winning at Social Media in 2016

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you know that social media is the key to greater brand awareness. You also are likely familiar with the fact that trends in the online world are constantly changing.

Everyone wants to win at social media, and this year has been no different. However, the key to ‘win’ at this seemingly complex world is to be strategic and have self-awareness. There are a few more tricks that can help you reach your goal that we’ve outlined below.

Video is Changing

Gone are the days where YouTube was the only source of video online. Now, social media sites like Facebook and even Instagram are hotbeds for video sharing. Even sites like Pinterest and Twitter have expanded their platforms to include video, which means you have to start using it.

Use Reviews to Your Advantage

There is no way of getting around it, review sites are here to stay. Positive reviews can have a dramatic impact on your business and sales. Embracing this trend involves requesting honest reviews from your customers whenever they do business with you. Ask them to leave a review on your site or on social media sites to encourage engagement directly.

Don’t ignore those reviews though. Though glowing reviews are incredibly valuable, managing your negative reviews is perhaps more important. Seeing your handling of negative reviews, and your desire for end to end customer service can be a great selling point too!

Content is STILL King

Experts envisioned it, and reality made it happen. 2015 was the year of content, and if you haven’t gotten on that trend as of yet now is the time. Content helps convert stagnant visitors into loyal customers, and spreads the word about your brand. To win at social media you have to stay on top of your content game.

Social media bridges the gap between your website and the millions of other websites on the internet. Define your brand and engage with your customers through high quality social media content.

The modern ‘Google’ is all about content. Algorithms have been tuned over the last year, and Googles expectation now is focused squarely on delivering search results that exemplify Expertise, Authoritative Content, and Trustworthy behaviour. If you can excel at building that content on your site, and provide great social media experiences for your followers, you’ll be just fine in 2016.