Your Digital Marketing Strategy Template

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Another important factor for your digital marketing plan is creating a digital marketing strategy template that’s based on your Customer Value Journey. Your journey should strategically build relationships with new customers and then turns them into loyal customers.

Every customer goes through this journey process. Even prospects do. It is how you turn strangers into buyers and then huge fans of your business. The truth is, marketing is far from a single step process. In fact, there are about eight stages that you have to take into account from the initial purchase to promotion. Here’s what that looks like.

Step 1. Awareness

This step occurs when your customers discover that your business/product/service exists. While fairly self-explanatory, you have to develop a strategy that brings brand awareness to your customers in a way that they prefer.

Step 2. Engaging with Your Customers

Now that your prospects are aware of you, they still don’t really know who you are nor do they necessarily like you or trust your business. So this is a critical stage. It is up to you to engage with them and build a relationship that will last. And that engagement begins with providing entertainment, information or a mix of both. You’ll also want to continue that engagement through the Customer Journey.

Step 3. Connect/Subscribe

Your prospect now knows who you are, they have engaged with you directly. But, the problem is you now need their information. If you don’t get that information there is a good chance that you won’t hear from them again. This doesn’t have to do with your brand, but it does have to do with their ability to pay attention to you. So get them to want to subscribe with enticing offers and information.

Keep building, connecting, and supplying your customers with the information they want and you can create a long-term connection that builds life-long customers throughout their customer journey.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]