High Quality Low Cost Industries (HQLC) offers 24 hours service, regular maintenance and free quotes to keep your kitchen safe and efficient. We took their existing site and revamped it - organizing content and focusing on their main service. From an outdated design, we've moved it to be more mobile friendly and modern. CLIENT: High ...

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Amtech Military & Automation Systems

Amtech Military & Automation Systems maintains engineering and production facilities in Canada. For Amtech, we've created a modern site with a clean design. We organized their content and made it easy for users to navigate around to find what they're looking for. Mobile friendly, Amtech is ready to help clients whether they are viewing their ...

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Imagine IT Inc.

Imagine IT specialize in Technology Integration solutions for Small and Medium Business. We modernized their existing site by designing a new layout along with creating a cleaner look and feel. Simple text and spacing help to differentiate between content and we've ordered the pages to belong in the correct menu area. This site is designed ...

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Turning an outdated website from old style HTML / PHP into a modern, mobile responsive Wordpress layout. Redesign included a fresh style for the homepage, multipage design for a client that needed a fast and upgraded online representation of their business. CLIENT: Alberta Communication Cable Services Inc. DATE: March 2020 SCOPE: Website Design WEBSITE: http://www.albertacom.com/

Battery Electric

A longtime client needed to refresh their website with a new modern template to ensure their online presence was staying ahead of the game. The new design gave a new flavour to their homepage, and provided a better mobile experience for their customers. Their change coordinates with other online initiative that will include video and ...

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New West Showhome in Bearspaw

A collaborative project with a marketing coordinator and digital home installation company in Calgary, AB.  We provided the website design component of an online tour intended to accompany visitors to a beautiful showhome. It would serve as a guide companion and visual take-away which guests could refer back to once they enjoyed experiencing the location, ...

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Rocky Mountain Photo Tour

Rocky Mountain Photo Tour is offering a unique and exciting photography tour at one of the most scenic locations in the Rockies, David Thompson County. Join David and Greg as they explore amazing canyons, lakes, waterfalls, mountain ranges, bridges, wildlife, and more. We made a simple site highlighting our photos and an easy way for users ...

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Porkapalooza BBQ Festival

Porkapalooza is having their yearly BBQ Festival and we made sure to create them a brand new site to get the word out. We managed to create a modern design in a limited time frame, using simple typography and hierarchy. With a simple navigation menu, users should find it easy to navigate to the correct ...

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Mtek Digital

Mtek Digital (o/b Microtek Corporation) specializes in Online Marketing, Video Content and classic Website Design. We have redesigned many of our client sites over the years, so it only makes sense for us to update our own. With new graphics, simpler pages and modern design, we're proud of our site. CLIENT: Mtek Digital DATE: May ...

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