Attorney-client Privilege Extends to Client Data

Attorney-client privilege offers a great deal of protection to clients. It’s to the point that this can make them feel secure if any sensitive information ever falls into the wrong hands. The unfortunate part is client data itself doesn’t always have these privileges. And as data breaches in the legal sector continue to rise, most …

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What Canada’s Data Privacy Laws Mean for Your Small Business

Running a small business means not only following the tax policies and guidelines, but also abiding by Canada’s data privacy laws. That’s becoming more and more important for businesses now as any business today collects, stores, and shares clients’ digital information. As a result, consumers have become increasingly concerned with how the data is being …

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11 Data Integration Challenges In The Workplace and How To Solve Them

Email address, credit card info, shipping addresses, username information. Most businesses these days handle a lot of information about every one of us on a daily basis. More than most people realize. As users alone, we generate roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, and in order to keep it contained, companies are investing …

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