Mtek Digital Interviews Bob Hooey – Canada’s Idea Man

Bob Hooey
This week we sit down and talk to Bob Hooey - widely known as Canada's "Idea Man".  Bob is an author of numerous books on business and performance and talks about his publishing process. See more of Bob at

Mtek Interviews Stephen Robinson of 52Skillz

Stephen Robinson
Meet Stephen Robinson, a YouTuber and Filmmaker from Edmonton, Alberta.  As the creator of 52Skillz on youtube, and the new series "How to Learn Anything" with StoryHive - Stephen shares the technology that empowers him. Transcript of Interview with Stephen Hi.  My name is Stephen, and I’m the guy behind 52skillz.  52skillz started out as ...

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Mtek Interviews Tyler Deren – Software Developer

Tyler Deren
Transcript Follows: Hi. I’m Tyler Deren. I’m a software developer, and I like to build interactive media specifically. What Technologies are Important to You? So I like to build video games.  My last project was called Shadows of Adam.  We built that using HTML5 Tech Stack, which is fairly uncommon for a commercial game and ...

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Mtek Interviews Tema Frank, User Experience Expert

Tema Frank
The Interview Tema has a wealth of experience in Customer Experience and User Experience both from the perpective of Marketing, and Technical Usability.  Her list of useful technology isn't short - but it is well defined and crucial to how she does business. Transcript Follows: Tema: Hi. I’m Tema Frank and I am the Chief ...

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Mtek Interviews Chris Koehn – Journalist, Videographer

Chris Koehn
The Interview This week, Mtek Digital Interviews Chris Koehn, and Edmonton Journalist and Videographer. Chris has a number of software and hardware favourites and he shares his top tech and passion. Transcript Follows:   Chris: Hi. My name’s Chris Koehn. I am a former journalist and an Edmonton videographer. What Technologies are Important to You? ...

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